Research Methodology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Entrepreneurship

The Institute has created a conducive environment for enhanced research productivity; in terms of conducting workshops/seminars/conferences including programs on Research Methodology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and entrepreneurship. For this purpose, the institute has an ED Cell and strong Research oriented approach through which faculties & students are encouraged to participate in different research activities. The institute conducts various workshops on Entrepreneurship, Research Methodology and Intellectual Property Rights to provide the base for researchers.

Number of workshops/seminars/Conference including programs conducted on Research Methodology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and entrepreneurship during the last five years

Sr. No. Year Name of the workshop/ seminar/ conference Number of ParticipantsDate From ToLink to the Activity report on the website
12021-22STP- Research methodology: Technical Writing 8204/03/2022View Document
22021-22Teacher Training Program-Knowledge Exchange1721/02/2022 to
View Document
32021-22Webinar on Research Life Cycle3625/02/2022View Document
42021-22STP-Research methodology: Literature Review8821/01/2022View Document
52021-22STP- Research methodology: Research-Why and How?2714/01/2022View Document
62021-22Seminar on Survey Paper Writing2317/12/2021 to
View Document
72021-22VAP on Mathematical Modeling1503/12/2021View Document
82021-22Innovation Thinking-Ideation Students Startup Competition-20211807/12/2021View Document
92021-22Internal Hackathon1830/03/2022View Document
102021-22Finance workshop on Security Market7524/03/2022View Document
112021-22ED- Cell Presentation Competition on Leadership Presentation7009/03/2022View Document
122021-22Seminar on Women Entrepreneurship5008/03/2022View Document
132021-22Webinar on Business Ethics15025/11/2021View Document
142021-22Webinar Series on Current Trends in Management5510/08/2021View Document
152021-22Webinar on Startup and New Venture Management4806/08/2021View Document
162021-22Workshop on Research : Design, Publications & IPR200  28/07/2021 to
View Document
172020-21Webinar on Alumni Entrepreneurs meet7530/06/2021View Document
182020-21Business Plan Competition8019/04/2021View Document
192020-21Workshop on GST & Direct Tax8326/03/2021View Document
202020-21Webinar on Patents and Intellectual Property Rights70110/06/2020View Document
212020-21International Conference on Innovative Practices in Engineering Technology and Business Management17125/03/2021
View Document
222020-21Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation15018/09/2020View Document
232020-21Research Trends in IoT and Enabling Technologies – An Overview10012/08/2020View Document
242020-21STP-IV: Research Why and How?73,6925/02/2021 and 04/03/2021View Document
252020-21STP-IV: Literature Review75,7112/03/2021 and 25/03/2021View Document
262020-21STP-IV: Technical Writing76,7408/04/2021 and 16/04/2021View Document
272019-20VAP on Research Paper Writing5013/03/2020View Document
282019-20One day Conference on Big-Data10814/01/2020View Document
292019-20Workshop on: Research Trends, Techniques and opportunities in Machine Learning Using Python2320/09/2019
View Document
302019-20Webinar on Entrepreneurship Skills6527/05/2020
View Document
312019-20Ideation Competition2805/10/2019View Document
322019-20Webinar on Strategies for sustainability of MBA After Covid-195219/05/2020
View Document
332019-20Workshop on MSME and Wealth Management6925/02/2020View Document
342019-20Workshop on Advance Digital Business34429/01/2020View Document
352019-20Brand Logo Designing Competition5022/01/2020View Document
362019-20Workshop on GST9010/10/2019View Document
372019-20Seminar on Current Trends in Marketing17824/09/2019View Document
382019-20Seminar on Financial Module8920/09/2019View Document
392019-20Seminar on Research Trends, Techniques and opportunities in Machine Learning2522/02/2019View Document
402019-20STP-IV: Research Why and How?1709/01/2020View Document
412019-20STP-IV: Literature Review2011/01/2020View Document
422019-20STP-IV: Technical Writing1810/01/2020View Document
432018-19Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights6008/02/2019View Document
442018-19Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights4902/01/2019View Document
452018-19Teacher Training Program-Knowledge Exchange1219/11/2018 to
View Document
462018-19Financial Modeling and CFA certification course8522/01/2019View Document
472018-19Industrial Relations in Manufacturing Companies2829/08/2018View Document
482018-19Marketing strategies in FMCG sector7526/09/2018View Document
492018-19Logistics and Supply Chain Management5513/02/2019View Document
502018-19Marketing in automation Industry9313/03/2019View Document
512018-19Working Capital Management8503/10/2019View Document
522018-19Two days state level competition on idea Exchange ÔÇôInnovation, Invention, challenges & Startup5605/04/2019View Document
532018-19STP-IV: Research Why and How?5813/02/2019View Document
542018-19STP-IV: Literature Review6101/03/2019View Document
552018-19STP-IV: Technical Writing5926/03/2019View Document
562017-18Psychometric Testing6927/09/2017View Document
572017-18Digital Marketing – A way to the future4715/09/2017View Document
582017-18STP-IV: Research Why and How?5421/02/2018 & 28/02/2018View Document
592017-18STP-IV: Literature Review5707/03/2018 & 17/03/2018View Document
602017-18STP-IV: Technical Writing5521/03/2018 & 28/03/2018View Document
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