Department of Civil Engineering


Sr.No.DepartmentName of Student/ FacultyPatent TitlePatent Registration DateDate of Publishing the Patent & PublicationPatenting AuthorityType of Patent
1Civil EnggMs. S. S. BhendePrediction & Recommendation system using sesmic waves & wind map analysis for architectural development20/10/2022CompletedKoneru lakshmaiah education foundation, IndiaNA
2Civil EnggMs. S. S. BhendeDevelopment of Concrete Mix with Fly Ash and Treated Tyre Chips21/01/2023CompletedIntellectual Property IndiaNA
3Civil EnggMs. S. S. BhendeDevelopment of Artificial Intelligence Methods to Predict the Compressive Strength of Concrete19/03/2023CompletedIntellectual Property IndiaNA
4Civil EnggMs. S. S. BhendeArtificial Intelligence Techniques for Network Traffic Prediction Model Considering Road Traffic Parameters24/04/2023CompletedPatent Application , IndiaNA
5Civil EnggMr. A. B. KhemalapureDevelopment of Artificial Intelligence Methods for Planning of the Transportation Network21/05/2023ProcessIntellectual Property IndiaNA
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