Expert Lectures

Expert Lecture

Sr.No.Title of Seminar / Guest lecture / Visiting lecturePeriod From ToNo. of Participants
1Seminar on IPR08/05/2022105
2Training Program on Java Programming27/07/202294
3Seminar on Startup guidance and IPR17/08/202287
4Guest Lecture On Cyber Awareness and Security Technology12/10/202288
5Seminar on Fight Against Hunger29/11/202289
6Expert Talk on A Story Of Successful Entrepreneur08/02/202396
7Webinar on Development of highly proficient engineers for meeting the demands of the modern-day industries.01/03/202389
8Seminar on Higher Study on Abroad20/04/202343
9System Programming and Operating System31/08/202350


Academic Year 2023-24

Sr.NoName of the workshop/ Seminar/WebinarDateNo. of Participants
1AWS Discover Day – Cloud Practitioner Essentials21/08/2023112
2Workshop on Web development, python- Django project development & Internship31/08/202334


                                                           Academic Year 2021-22

Sr.NoName of the workshop/ Seminar/WebinarDateNo. of Participants
1Seminar on on Microsoft certification8/04/2022100
2Placement Awareness Seminar for Pre-Final Year Students23/03/2022105
3Webinar on GATE Awareness Program9/10/2021100
4Webinar on Awareness on Gate and CAT exams4/10/202175
5Top Aptitude Skills Training required for various Competitive Entrance Exams30/09/202190
6Webinar on Opportunities for CSE students and Gateway28/09/202150
7Expert lecture on Full Stack Development24/09/2021100
8Webinar on Career Counselling and Personality Development23/09/202175
9Webinar on Microsoft certification 3/09/2021130
10Webinar on Cyber Awareness24/08/2021100
11Workshop on “Introduction to Google Crowd source”  14/8/202150
12Webinar on Ayurveda approach in modern lifestyle23/08/202185
13Webinar on Internship program 13/08/202160
14Webinar on Python with MySQL12/08/2021100
15Webinar on Gender Equality under NSS09/08/202160
16Workshop on Sales force Development28/07/2021 to 29/07/202170
17Webinar on Android App Development26/07/202168
18Webinar Machine Learning and paid Internship6/07/2021100
* Placement Awareness Seminar for Pre-Final Year Students
* Webinar on PYTH ON with MYSQL

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