Faculty Course Attended

Department of Information Technology

Courses Attended by Student & Faculty

Sr. No.Name of FacultyTitle of Attended courseDuration
1Mrs. Sweta R KaleNPTEL: Software Engineering12 weeks 
2Mrs. Suvarna PotdukheNPTEL: Software Engineering12 weeks 
3Mrs. Jaitee BankarNPTEL: Software Engineering12 weeks 
4Ms. Shivai AherTEQIP III:Digital Transformation & Pedagogies1 week
5Ms. Shivai AherFDP: Writing and Publishing Quality Research Papers in Scholarly Top Tier Journals2 days
6Mrs. Anagha JawalkarWorkshop: Machine Learning Using Python5 days
7Mrs. Sadhana KekanFDP: Deep Learning with python1 week
8Mrs. Sadhana KekanWorkshop: Machine Learning Using Python5 days
9Ms.Kashmira JayakarWorkshop: Machine Learning Using Python5 days
10Mrs. Nikita KhawaseWorkshop: Designing and Modeling of AI, IOT and ML Systems1 week
11Mrs. Nikita KhawaseFOP:Information Storage andRetrieval and Lab Practice III1 day
12Mrs.Nikita KhawaseWorkshop: Machine Learning Using Python5 days
13Mrs. Nikita KhawaseWebinars: IPR2 days
14Ms. Shivai AherFDP: Cloud Computing using AWS1 week
15Ms. Shivai AherFDP: Case Study of Course and Program Outcomes Attainment3 days
16Ms. Shivai AherFDP: Smart Technology Pillars of 5G and Beyond1 week
17Mrs. Sweta KaleFDP on Recent Trends in Computing1 week
18Mrs. Sweta KaleFDP on “Data Science :tool and research”1 week
19Mr.D.A.MeshramFDP on “Art of Writing Research Paper- Methods and Solutions”1 week
20Mr.D.A.MeshramFDP on Data Science1 week
21Mr.D.A.MeshramFDP on “Amazon Web Services”1 week
22Mr.D.A.MeshramFDP on Artificial Intellegence:- Microsoft India SAP3 days
23Mr.D.A.Meshramworkshop on Artificial Intellegence
1 day
24Mr.D.A.MeshramWorkshop on Machine Learning using Python
5 days
25Mr.D.A.MeshramWorkshop on Business Analytics and Intelligence
1 day
26Mrs.Suvarna PotdukheFDP on “Advance in Web Technology”
1 week
27Mrs.Suvarna PotdukheWorkshop on Business Analytics and Intelligence
1 day
28Ms.Kashmira Jayakar
FDP on “Amazon Web Services”1 week
29Ms.Kashmira Jayakar
FDP on “Data Science :tool and research”1 week
30Ms.Kashmira Jayakar
FDP on “Augmented and virtual reality”1 week
31Mrs.Kalyani SonawaneFDP on “Artificial IntelligenceÔÇØ3 days
32Mrs.Kalyani SonawaneFDP on “Amazon Web Services”
1 Week
33Ms.Jaitee Bankar
Workshop Machine learning using Python5 days
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