Activity Report

YEARName of the capacity development and skills enhancement programDate of implementation (DD-MM-YYYY)Number of students enrolledLink to the Activity report on the Website
2022- 23 Induction Program21/11/2023250Induction Program
2022- 23The Blueprint of success for Engineers.2/01/2023
237The Blueprint of success for Engineers.
2022- 23Programming in Python24/01/2023125Programming in Python
2022- 23Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023
27/01/2022200Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023
2022- 23Scholarship Information 
235Scholarship Information 
2022- 23 Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
24/11/2022275 Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

2022- 23Soft Skills and Personality development
23/ 11/2022
275Soft Skills and Personality development

2022- 23 Cyber security and crime
31/01/2023280 Cyber security and crime
2022- 23
Cultural Programme 
24/11/2022294Cultural Programme
2021- 22Induction Programme31/12/2021 300Induction Programme
2021- 22work-life balance04/01/22310work-life balance
2018- 19Induction Programme31/07/2018531Induction Programme
2017- 18Induction Programme31/07/2017298Induction Programme
2017- 18Stress Management17/03/2017109Stress Management
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