Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness

The mission statement clearly defines the college’s distinctive characteristics in terms of addressing needs of the society, the institute’s tradition & value orientations. The objective of the institute is to provide quality education in engineering and management to the students, to make them academically superior and ethically strong. This objective is clearly reflected in the mission statement. The vision of the institute is to become a renowned institute for imparting quality education. The institute aims to achieve this by incorporating experimental and project-based learning in the teaching-learning process along with strong Industry-Institute Interaction and research orientation.

The institute strives to create an environment for ensuring holistic development of students by facilitating their academic, social, ethical and professional growth.

1. Providing a Clean, Green and Easily Accessible Campus:

Protecting the environment is the need of the hour. Keeping this in mind, the institute has taken numerous efforts in maintaining a clean and green campus for students. With a wide variety of trees, the greenery at the campus is refreshing. There are pedestrian friendly pathways, alternate energy resources and measures like biogas plant and rainwater harvesting, use of bicycles, efficient waste management and us of LED lights. The institute encourages students to use bicycles, and vehicle pooling, to save electricity and water, follow road safety rules, plant trees, avoid the use of plastic and dispose waste in an environmentally-friendly way. The institute aims at making students environmentally aware and responsible.
Another distinctive factor about the campus is its ease of access. Located just off the highway, the institute is easy to find and being at a prominent location is an added advantage. There is a Pune Municipal Transport bus stop right outside the gate of the institute. The local police station, hospital, residential facilities, restaurants, stationery and photocopying shops, canteen, mess facility, public transport and many other services are easily available within or in the vicinity of the institute, making it a desired location for students.

2. Instilling a Deep Sense of Social Responsibility in the Students in order to create Socially Aware and Responsible citizens:

1. The NSS unit of the College is very active throughout the year in organizing various outreach programs.
2. The institute has a MoU with Rotary Club of Pune, Warje for creating awareness about social responsibility and conducting various socio-economic and regional activities.
3. Different departments conduct programs on women empowerment, ethics, etc.
4. The institute Newsletter highlights the various ISR activities conducted by the institute.
5. Whenever there is any natural calamity striking any part of the country, various committees of the College come forward to mobilize resources and send them to the affected areas.

3. Creating an Environment Conducive to Academic Growth:

The Institute promotes student-centric learning by actively involving students in the teaching-learning process. Students are provided with an Academic handbook which outlines the entire teaching learning process with detailed information about the Institute, its courses, the syllabus, academic calendar, paper pattern, evaluation parameters, results, question bank, study material and Concurrent Evaluation submission details. Thus, at the beginning of the semester itself the students is equipped with the entire teaching learning process plan and is aware of the requirements from his/her end.
The institute has taken efforts to shift the balance of higher education from the teacher-centric education to student-centric education, by supplementing the traditional learning practices, using contemporary technology in an innovative manner. In order to ensure the institute becomes a centre of management excellence for students, the institute follows 3-tier model- Academics, Experiential learning and Industry Integration. The Institute promotes student-centric learning by actively involving students in the teaching-learning process. Doubt Clearing/Remedial classes are arranged for weak learners.
The institute introduced Coursera from 2020, as one of the online platforms for students so that they can have access to educational courses anytime, anywhere.
Coursera works with universities and other organizations to offer online courses, certifications, and degrees in a variety of subjects. Coursera’s biggest value is that it can provide educational experience that is recognized in the real world and provides valuable certificates which are acknowledged by colleges, universities and workplaces.

4. Continuous Innovation for Development:

* Technology Business Incubation Centre: This is a part of the Industry Institute Interaction (III). This centre provides
guidance to startups and works in coordination with the Institute’s startup and Innovation Cell.
* Centre of Excellence: A Domain oriented Lab has been set up in the institute in collaboration with industries to
support faculty and students through sponsored projects, internship, training and certification courses, live
projects and patents.
* Encouragement to students and faculty to pursue Research, Development and extra-curricular activities.
* The institute has created an ICT tools and notes database for students. They are given a link to this database
which contains all the study material which can be accessed by them as and when required.
* Well-thought student counseling (Teacher-Guardian mentorship) program.

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