Site Visit

Site Visit

Place of Visit: Hot Mix Plant Nande Pune and Road Construction Site at ChandaniChowk Pune

Objective of Visit: To understand the process to create bituminous concrete

Class: BE Civil

No of Students: 120

Date: 04/11/2022

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. A. L. Sodmise and Prof. A. B. Khemlapure

Department of Civil Engineering

Place of Visit: Ready Mix Concrete Plant Vadgaon, Pune

Objective of Visit: To understand the process to create concrete  in RMC plant

Class: SE Civil

No of Students: 65

Date: 27 April 2023

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. S.S. Bhende and   Prof. A. L. Sodmise and

Place of Visit:Yedgaon Dam Tal- Junnar Dist- Pune

Objective of Visit: To know the structure of  Dam and  various operations during water storage and discharge.

Class: BE Civil

No of Students:120

Date: 10 April 2023

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Sudhir Nikam and Prof. AnkitaBhonde

Place of Visit: Dist- Sant Tukaram Sugar Factory, Mulashi, Pune

Objective of Visit: To  Impart the knowledge and understanding of outdoor and indoor air pollution, its impact and existing legislation and regulation

Class: BE Civil

No of Students:120

Date: 4 Nov 2022

Faculty Coordinator: Prof.  C. P. Mane and Prof. AnkitaBhonde

Place of Visit: Precast India Private Limited Pune

Objective of Visit: To understand the precast element used in Construction of Building

Class: BE Civil

No of Students: 75

Date: 16/09/2017

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Rahul D. Shinde

Place of Visit: IMD Pune

Objective of Visit: To study meteorologicalequipmentÔÇÖs

Class: TE Civil

No of Students: 82

Date: 22/11/2022 and 23/11/2022

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Rahul D. Shinde and Prof . Rahul D. Kapase

Place of Visit: Karla Caves Karli Lonavala

Objective of Visit: To understand geological structures of rocks

Class: SE Civil

No of Students: 65

Date: 15/12/2022Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Aparna H. Chavan

Site visit at Mont Vert Axis

A site visit was arranged at Mont Vert Axis, Bavdhan, Pune for Final Year Civil Engineering Students. The purpose of site visit was to study the methods, techniques used on field for quantity surveying of R.C.C. members. The detailed report is as below.

Name of Subject: (401012) Quantity Surveying, Contracts and Tenders

Date of Site Visit : 21 April 2023 Name of Site visited: Mont Vert Axis

Location: Mulshi Road, Near Chandani Chauk, Bavdhan, Pune.

Site Visit Faculty Coordinators:

  1. Mr. Rahul Dattatraya Shinde, Asst. Profesor
  2. Mrs. Sushma Awad, Asst. Profesor

No. of Students attended the visit = 51 Nos. Name of Resource Person: Mr. Manoj Mittal

Purpose of Visit: To study the quantity surveying techniues of R.C.C. members of the struc- tures.

Outcome of Visit: The resource person at site explained in detail, how to read the structural and working drawings. He also explained how to calculate the reinforcement bar length and record it. The students observed and studied the detailed structural drawings of R.C.C. Slabs, beams columns, footings, staircase, raft slab etc. Using the drawing students were able to calculate the cutting length of bars for various structural members.

Faculties and Students at Mont Vert Axis

Site Visit at Mulshi Road Bavdhan

The Department of Civil engineering has organized a site visit for B.E. Civil A & B division studentsatRMDSinhgadSchoolofEngineering,Warje,Pune.On21/04/23at9:45amalong with 120 students, subject teachers Mrs. Sushma Awad & Mr. Rahul Shinde were present for the site visit. Two different site visits are organized on sameday.

As per the curriculum of Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, this visit is conducted by consideringthesyllabusoftheSubject:QuantitySurveying,Contracts&Tenderstounderstand thoroughlyaboutBarBendingScheduleofdifferentR.C.Ccomponentsofabuilding.Itisvery beneficial to arrange such site visits for students to know practical work at construction sites. Mr.PravinDeshmukh&Mr.UmeshShindeweretheSiteEngineersoftwosites,theygaveall information about the project and provided guidance forBBS.

Following are the objectives of site visit,


  • To observe how the bar bending schedule is prepared and implemented onsite.
  • Tocomparetheactualbarbendingquantitiesanddimensionswiththedesignspecifications anddrawings.
  • Toidentifyanychallengesorissuesrelatedtothebarbendingprocessandsuggestpossible solutions orimprovements.
  • To assess the impact of the bar bending schedule on the project cost, quality andtimeline.
  • Different methods of bar bending for different RCC building members.

SiteName-                               The TirupatiDevlopers.

Addressofsite-                        Ganesh Residency, Dhayri, Pune-411041.

Name ofSiteEngineer-           Mr. UmeshShinde

Site Visit at Mulshi Road Bavdhan, Pune
Site Visit at Mulshi Road Bavdhan, Pune
Bar Bending for Beams, Columns, Slab etc.


Bar bending schedule (BBS) is a document that lists the details of reinforcement bars for a given structural element, such as the type, size, number, shape, length and weight of the bars. BBS helps to reduce the wastage of steel, improve the quality of construction, and save time and cost. BBS also helps to plan the stock management, auditing and estimation of steel quantity for a project.

The importance of BBS can be understood from the following points:

  • BBS ensures that the reinforcement cutting and bending are done in the mostefficient way at the site or at thefactory.
  • BBS avoids confusion and mistakes in the interpretation of reinforcement drawingsby providing clear sketches and specifications of each bar.
  • BBS facilitates the supervision and inspection of reinforcement work by providing a reference document for the engineers, detailers andfitters.
  • BBS enables the preparation of accurate bills and tenders for reinforcement workby providing the exact quantity and weight of steel required for eachelement.
  • BBS enhances the quality control and assurance of reinforcement work by ensuring that the bars are placed as per the design requirements andspecifications.


The site visit to study the bar bending schedule was a valuable learning experience for the students. We were able to observe how the reinforcement bars are cut, bent and placed according tothedesignspecificationsanddrawings.Wealsolearnedabouttheimportanceofqualitycontrol, safety measures and documentation in the construction process. We gained a practical understanding of the bar bending schedule and its role in ensuring the structural integrity and efficiency of the building. The site visits also enhanced their communication and teamwork skills as they interacted with the site engineers and workers. We expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the site manager and staff for their cooperation and guidance. The site visit was a successful and beneficial activity that enriched the students’ knowledge and skills in civil engineering.

We concluded that the bar bending schedule is an essential document for reinforced concrete construction. It helps to optimize the material usage, ensure the structural integrity, and facilitatethecoordinationandcommunicationamongdifferentpartiesinvolvedintheproject. We also appreciated the opportunity to learn from the site engineer and supervisor, who shared their knowledge and experience withthem.

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