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Sinhgad Student Council (SSC)

Sinhgad Student council is a student organization at Institute Level, Sinhgad Technical education society, Pune. It is entirely managed by the students under the staffÔÇÖs guidance. It is responsible for arranging all the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in the department.


  1. Providing a platform for the holistic development of the students.
  2. Ensuring that student activities are carried out smoothly under the staffÔÇÖs guidance.
  3. Developing contributing relations with the alumni and corporate.
  4. Facilitating interaction among all the students of the department.
  5. Motivating students to think from research perspectives and develop a particle approach towards studies.
  6. Bringing out the leadership and the management qualities in the students.
  7. Provide Training and Placement Assistance.


  1. The annual National technical festival ÔÇ£TechtonicÔÇØ is arranged under SSC where students and staff work together to make it larger and bigger each year.
  2. Workshops and guest lectures are arranged at regular intervals which are conducted by industry and academic experts.
  3. Alumni meets and lectures are arranged from time to time to help students decide their future course in life.


Techtonic is an Annual National Technical Festival of Sinhgad Techinical Education scociety which is organized each year. Students contribute to the best of their abilities to make Techtonic a huge event with a great zeal. ÔÇÿTechtonicÔÇÖ as a brand has been growing ever since it commenced and this would have not been possible without the constant support of the college staff, management and the industry contribution in it.


  1. To provide students with a platform where they could develop and brush their management and interpersonal skills.
  2. A stage where students and staff work together for the event.
  3. Students understand the importance of working as a team for a common cause.


  1. Planning: Students and staff work together for planning all the activities under Techtonic. The team takes into account all the factors like the resources available, forecasted budget and the time available.
  2. Finance: Techtonic is an event by the students and hence the students generate the revenue through sponsorships and tie-ups with various industries and organizations. The cash flow at every stage, the budget allocation to various activities is taken care of by the students with the support of the staff.
  3. Publicity: Techtonic is rigorously published as an event with campaigning schedules prepared in advance wherein students visit each college around the city and some around the state to make sure that more participants turn out for the event. Advertisements are made throughout the city and through the events newspaper partner, radio partner and advertisement partner.
  4. Event Management: Each event organized under Techtonic is managed by the students with a strict hierarchy which has proper distribution of responsibilities and power from the apex committee to the volunteers. Each event is also assigned a staff co-coordinator to ensure the proper functioning of the event.

Industrial Visits

Industrial visits represent important activity in any engineering undergraduate programme that contribute to the achievement of various essential learning outcomes and programme objectives.


1. To help students gain first hand information regarding functioning of the Industry which presents the students with opportunities to plan, organize and engage in active learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

2. Recognize the process units like Boilers, Steam turbines, Pumps, Condensers, other process equipments etc. & generate the process flow diagram.

3. Identify the input and output for different processes.

4. Experience the importance of working safely.

The department of Chemical Engineering organizes industrial visits for the students as a part of curriculum. For each class one Industrial visit is arranged per semester. Prior to visit undertaking is taken from the students.

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Extracurricular activities:

Extracurricular activities make the students fit for the future and develop a sense of competitive spirit, co-operation, leadership, diligence, punctuality, and team-spirit as well as provide a backdrop for the development of their creative talents. Competitions create a competitive environment and groups with an objective to work towards a better society and the world as well. Students activities help them to learn new things and become multi-talented and a well rounded person. Students of Chemical Engineering department actively participate in different events in the campus and outside the campus. Event celebrations are also done in the department as well.

Teacher’s Day Celebration:

Every year the students of the department of Chemical Engineering organize TeachersÔÇÖ Day for the staff members of the department. This helps to improve presentation skills of students and communication between staff and student.


Farewell function:

Department Chemical Engineering organizes the farewell function for final year students. Final year students express their views and experience about department and staff members.


Department News Letter- CHEMIGIZER

The Department takes efforts on overall personality development of students in addition to technical skills development. Students publish technical magazine CHEMIGIZER which include articles by students and faculty members on recent trends in Chemical Engineering.

Students are encouraged to share their ideas and thoughts about any technology through articles. Faculty also contributes by sharing their ideas and experience. Such articles give students ongoing updates in the field of Chemical Engineering. Designing, editing and content writing is solely done by students of department. Additionally the information about various activities, events and workshops attended and organized by faculty is given in the newsletter.The final layout of the newsletter is finalized by concerned faculty and printed with the permission of head of the department.

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