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SCOE Central Library is situated on the Ground Floor of STES Central Library. Hon. Founder President of STES.  Prof. M. N. Navale envisioned the idea of Central Library facility, which is established in Sept. 2012. There are nine sectional Libraries under the Central Library, catering to the individual institutes. A dedicated six story building of  6870 sq.m.  with huge Reading Halls , Digital Library, Literature and other amenities has been allotted to the library facilities of the campus.

Salient Features of SCOE Central Library :

Book Collection :

Total Books (Volumes): 55813

Titles: 14875

Total Expenditure: RS.2,94,60.990/-

Print Journals:

No of Journals : 131

Total Expenditure till date: 44,84,357/-

E Journal Databases:

IEEE ASPP +POP :   195 Trans. + 781 Conf. Pro.

ELSEVIER Science Direct (Engg:+ Comp Sc )  : 275 Journals

PROQUEST  Management : 3000 Journals & Cases

Knimbus e library  :  All major punishers open content

SCOPUS  Indexing database  : 30,000 Jr indexed

Digital Library :

Digital Library PCs  :      30

Internet Speed        :    4 mbps

Library Information

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