Teacher Guardian (TG) Scheme


-To give moral support to the students

-To develop a platform to entertain common difficulties of students

-To focus on hidden qualities of students

-To develop positive attitude among students

-TGFM scheme is to be followed to have an interaction among students

– In brief GFM plays an important role of parent as well as teacher

-Mechanism to solve problems

-Conducting meeting weekly with students

-Interacting with students in such a way that they themselves will come up with problems they are facing.

-To solve their problems.

-To keep watch on academic background and giving solutions to the problems they are facing.


Concept of Faculty Involvement:

The faculty focuses on developing and strengthening of systems thinking, problem solving, analysis, design, team work, communication skills and preparing students for lifelong learning. The faculty uses innovative techniques, interactive lectures, guided case studies, literature survey, regular lab assignments, project work and critical and creative thinking. As a pedagogical practice starting from first year courses itself, students are required to explore, study, summarize, critique, validate and evaluate classical as well as current research literature published by eminent research publishers. The faculty stresses on learner centric, active and collaborative learning. Labs are used for developing skills to use and apply various general professional competences.

-Teaching plan, Course file, Unit wise question bank is prepared in advance for each subject by respective subject faculty.

-There is monitoring committee to monitor the quality and contents of these activities.

-The strict academic calendar in which the one mid-term test on three units of every subject is conducted. This process is repeated till student passes in each subject. Finally Prelim exam and Reprelim exam are conducted on whole syllabus for each subject.

-The student, who have theory lecture attendance 80%, practical attendance 100% and pass in the tests conducted by college get term grant certificate and allowed to appear for University examination.

-This directly reflects in University result of the college.

Each Department lays down Departmental visions, objectives and roles in shaping the profile of the graduates. These are discussed, validated and converted in curricula and teaching practice to achieve the desired goals.

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